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Module I
Biochemistry of Blood: Physical properties and constituents of blood, types of blood cells- RBC, WBC, Lymphocytes and Platelets. Hemoglobin: Structure and Function of hemoglobin, types of hemoglobin, abnormal hemoglobin, bile pigments formation, iron metabolism- absorption and transport. Blood Clotting: Mechanism of Blood Clotting (Intrinsic and extrinsic pathway), Clotting factors, anticoagulants, Bleeding time, Clotting time, Hemopoiesis, Blood forming organs, erytrhropoiesis, leucopoiesis. Blood Groups: Classification, Chemical basis for blood group specificity

The aim of this course is to provide the students the basics of enzymology, such as classification, types of inhibition, regulation, coenzymes and an introduction to bioenergetics. I will be handling the topic bioenergetics.

We will be discussing the following topics in this module

Redox reactions, redox potential and free energy, mitochondrial electron transport chain, coenzymes and prosthetic groups of respiratory chain enzymes- sites of ATP production, P/O ratio, inhibitors of electron transport chain, oxidative phosphorylation-chemiosmotic hypothesis (outlines only), uncouplers of oxidative phosphorylation. Formation of ATP-oxidative and substrate level phosphorylation. High energy compounds with structures (ATP, ADP, Creatine phosphate, 1,3 bisphosphoglycerate, PEP etc). Role of high energy phosphate groups

Objective of the Course: To familiarize the students with the building blocks of living matter, biomolecules, their structure, components, reactions, derivatives, biological significance and the basic tests to identify them.

Course Outcome: Student will be able to Explain the composition of living matter, Discuss the monomeric subunits, function and chemical reactions of macromolecules, Classify enzymes and describe functions of enzymes, Relate the parameters associated with enzyme activity

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